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MICA, 2009

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crossposted, sorry, roommates please! [Mar. 4th, 2009|10:39 pm]
MICA, 2009

due to a lease that terminates on the 30th of april, i'm going to need to relocate to another place so that i'm not without a home during graduation.

if any of you:

  • plan on staying in baltimore post-graduation

  • know someone who needs a pad in the baltimore general-area for a while

  • aren't necessarily planning on sticking around bolton hill or mount vernon

  • interested in living down the street from the best burrito joint ever

i'm looking at a pretty nice house on the street that splits patterson park in half. if you're into living across from tennis courts and puppy-walking land, i'm your girl.


  • 4 floor townhome (basement-storage, main floor, second floor 2 bedrooms, bathroom, third floor, one bedroom & open area)

  • 1 full bath

  • dogs and cats are go

  • fully furnished, except for anything unwanted
  • giant kitchen with island (i like to cook! very excited!)
  • central air
  • original wood floors
  • totally cute
  • really close to eastern avenue - patterson theatre/creative alliance, wonderful delicious coffee shop, burritos, great restaurants and bars and everything highlandtown and canton square have to offer.

the dude who owns it is really nice, and told me initially (a few weeks ago) he was thinking $1500-$1550 plus utilities, but the internet says $1300, and tonight was the first time i checked it. i'm looking for at least two more roommates to get the rent down to like, the $450/mo-or-cheaper range. obviously, more than 2 roommates - someone's going to need to share a room.

i'm nice, easygoing. relatively organized.

this one's a charmer and i need house friends :(

thanks! & spread the word! thanks!!