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MICA, 2009

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a feast of commerce! [updated monday @ 9:30 pm] [Sep. 4th, 2006|04:19 am]
MICA, 2009


but first, a moment to reflect on the life of steve "the crocodile hunter" irwin, killed by an errant sting ray's barb while filming on location off the coast of australia.

now to the good stuff -

i'm selling a bunch of kitchen stuff - i have dishes, glasses/drinkware, and various and sundry utensils and flatware. see below for details!

i'm also selling a bona fide papasan chair. not one of those cheap knockoffs from target/bed bath and beyond, this one is actually made of wicker. there is nothing at all wrong with or lacking from it; it's just far too big for my apartment and i have no space for it. the price is $20, which includes the wicker base, the wicker frame, and a stylish green plaid cushion. this chair is perfect for curling up in to nap - my roommate describes herself as cereal when she sits in it. it is very comfortable for napping or for TV watching or reading. :) due to the amount of interest in the chair, this item is first-come, first-served. you may also be interested to know that the cushion is a little bit heavy and the frame is awkward, so you might want to bring along a friend/a roommate to help carry stuff. i can help carry if you're only taking it elsewhere in meyerhoff.

KITCHEN STUFF it should be noted that while all of this stuff is clean (we ran it through the dishwasher when i was home this summer), you may want to clean it yourself before using it.

POTS AND PANS. that's right, i'm selling my pots and pans. i don't have a stove this year, so they're no good to me. once again, there's nothing wrong with them. the set includes two skillets (one small, one large; both nonstick), two saucepans (one small, one larger, nonstick), and a large pot (also nonstick). the saucepans and the large pot come with glass lids. the price is $15 for the whole set; i'll even throw in a super cool red plastic milk crate for free. SOLD

DISHES. a set of eight melamine [plastic] dinner plates. these are dishwasher safe! they sport festive multicolored stripes. all eight for $5. SOLD.

GLASSES/DRINKWARE. two sets of three glasses. all are plastic, all are shatter-resistant, and all are dishwasher safe. they have the added bonus of being perfect for making homemade popsicles; because they're plastic, you can even put them in the freezer! one set is "stripes" and features vertical pink-and-orange and green-and-yellow stripes. the other set is "solids" and features two tall clear green glasses and one shorter opaque yellow glass. $3 per set or buy both sets for $5.

FLATWARE. one set of service for six, with two extra knives. the flatware has opaque blue handles and stainless steel knives/forks/spoons. it is in excellent condition. $5 for the whole set. SOLD


ONE SMALL ACRYLIC CUTTING BOARD. good size for cheese or veggies.

MEASURING CUPS. set of four. metric measures (1 tbsp, 50 mL [approx. ¼ cup], 100 mL [approx. 1/3 cup], and 125 mL [½ cup]). $1 for the set.

PIZZA CUTTER. a college essential. i don't think it's ever been used.

FUNNELS. one is smaller, one is larger. pretty sure these haven't been used at all. made of stylish opaque blue plastic. $1 for the pair.

pictures are available by request. prices are as above, or the best offer. reply here or email me [notmelinda AT gmail DOT com] if you're interested or if you have any questions.

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