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MICA, 2009

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omgyey schedules! [Jul. 29th, 2006|01:33 pm]
MICA, 2009


Monday: Interactive Media I - 4-10 - Esther Schooler
Tuesday: Early Folklore of the West - 9-11:45 - Mikita Brottman (<-- omg yay)
Wednesday: Typography I - 8:30-2 - Jeremy Botts (god i want him to be some kind of harry potter character for some reason)
Thursday: Graphic Design I - 9-3 - Michael Weikert
Friday: off, bitches. :D

i'm going to be adding Intro to 3D Animation from 4-10 with Steve Meneely on Tuesdays to that; my tuesday is going to suck (especially with that 8:30 am class on wednesday, oy) but I want to get things started with shifting to animation. i was going to put in a modernism and after but they's all full so... *shrug* =\

and i want my housing stuff! in an email reply, reslife told me that stuff would get mailed in mid-july. since it's the 29th now, i'm beginning to doubt. but whatever, i guess it'll come when it comes.

oh and for the chica who asked: move-in is the last weekend in august (the 26th/27th) and presumably classes start that monday.